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20 Tips for Packing like a Seasoned Traveler

September 28th, 2015 by Liku Zelleke | Filed under Travel tips, travel-news.

20 Tips for Packing

20 Tips for Packing

One of the most tiresome and nerve-wracking affairs of travelling is doing the packing. Below are 20 tips for packing like a seasoned traveler that should help ease the pain and make sure you have a great vacation:

  1. One of the most repeated of tips for packing is to roll your clothes and not fold them. This has two advantages: first, you save a lot of space and second, tightly rolled clothes are less likely to get wrinkled or creased.
  2. Stuff socks, underwear and even jewelry (non-valuable or –precious ones, of course) inside your shoes.
  3. Always make a packing list, preferably long before you have to travel. That way, you increase the chances of including everything you will need while you are away.
  4. Make a trial run: pack everything you think you will need, then unpack it all and see if you can’t get rid of half of it. You’ll be surprised at how effective this tip is.
  5. Find out about your airlines’ baggage and carry on policies. While most airlines will allow you to carry a bag on-board for free, some will charge you – especially if it is a local flight. Also, weigh your bags before you leave home to make sure you don’t have excess weight.
  6. Make sure you put everything that you absolutely cannot do without in your carryon bag. That way, should your baggage get lost, you won’t really lose the essentials.
  7. Pack clothes that serve dual purposes. Pants that unzip to become shorts, jackets that can be worn on both sides and other clothes or shoes that can be worn on formal and casual occasions are good examples of items to opt for.
  8. Wear heavier clothes as you make your way to your destination. Clothes like jeans and overcoats are heavy – wear them as you fly. In fact, if you can wear more than one layer.
  9. Use luggage that is made of lightweight material. Most luggages from over 5 years ago are made from sturdier and heavier material and also lack the “modern” luxury of telescopic handles and wheels.
  10. Don’t take any toiletries in glass bottles – actually try to not take anything you can buy at your destination: toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Whatever you need to take, use small plastic bottles.
  11. Put bottles with liquids inside Ziploc bags – if they are crushed or broken, the contents won’t mess your clothes.
  12. Do not take any medication unless it is the kind that you must have on you at all times. Other kinds you can buy at a pharmacy when you land at your destination.
  13. Make sure you put a bright sticker on your bag to make it stand out on the airport carousel. Alternatively, you can tie a bright-colored kerchief on the handle. Make sure it is tightly knotted, though.
  14. Instead of carrying towels around – they are really heavy – opt for a sarong. It is light, doesn’t take up space and can be used for almost anything: drying off, wrapping up in, sunbathing, picnics. It also dries quickly.
  15. If you have old under- or outerwear that you don’t need, take them along, use them while over there and throw them away. It saves on laundry bills or having to wash them yourself.
  16. Pack some threads and needless. That way you can patch up little rips.
  17. Duct tapes can solve anything in foreign lands too. The same goes for cable ties and twist wires. Make sure you pack some.
  18. Another frequently repeated among tips for packing is that if you happen to be using a backpack, place the lighter items at the bottom, and the heavier ones on top – this will swing the balance down to your lower back making it easier to carry.
  19. Pack an extra trash bag – you can use it to cover your bag on a rainy day.
  20. Modern tips for packing: scan all your documents and save them on your phone. Also, email them to yourself. In case you lose them, you will have a backup copy of everything. Don’t lug around heavy tourist books, buy the online versions or scan images and maps that you will need. Buy and carry a universal adapter – that way, you can plug in anywhere. Use Skype and Viber for free phone calls.


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