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3 Corporate Travel Management Agencies You Should Look Into Hiring for your Business

January 8th, 2016 by Liku Zelleke | Filed under travel-news.

Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management

Although we live in times when almost everything corporate can be done online and using technologies like Skype, there are certain things that will always need to be handled the old way – face-to-face meetings and paring with handshakes. To this end, corporate travel management is the process of enabling a company’s staff (from agent to senior executive) to go and meet clients (potential or long-standing) or close business deals away from the home offices.

Corporate travel management (CTM) covers the employees’ trips from booking flights and hotels to calculating their

per diem and other travel-related expenses.

Most large businesses have their own corporate travel management systems installed in-house allowing them to handle it from within. But, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) that can’t afford to invest in large (and usually expensive) systems outsource the task to other businesses that specialize in handling such kinds of accounts.

Companies that are recognized in the business usually come under the umbrella of Global Distribution Systems

(GDS) to book flights for clients. The system allows the travel consultants to compare different itineraries and costs by showing all available routes and transportation methods in real-time. Of course, the prices that can be researched include air tickets, hotel room bookings and car rentals.

If you are looking for such corporate travel management system service providers, below are some of great choices in the industry (and which do not charge you an arm and a leg):

Chambers Travel

Chambers travel prides itself in being the consultancy that is “redefining transatlantic business travel.” As part of the CTM Group, Chambers Travel is one of Europe’s favorite and most award-winning travel management companies (TMC) and agencies.

The company prides itself for being “a boutique global agency that is large enough to offer best-in-class technologies, agile enough to remain responsive and flexible, and wholly centered on providing an outstanding customer experience across the depth and breadth of your organization.”

Travel Beyond Group

This TMC from Down Under aims to provide solutions for the world’s leading corporate businesses. They make sure all their clients are treated like VIPs – no matter how big or small they are. Travel Beyond provides customized services backed with cutting-edge technology, but also makes sure personal service and warmth is thrown into the mix too.

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