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A Warning to Tourists: Behave yourself and don’t go ‘Dark’

August 16th, 2015 by Liku Zelleke | Filed under Travel tips, travel-news.

Warning to tourists - Behave yourself

Warning to tourists – Behave yourself

An article by Huffington Post’s Lifestyle writer James Cave was full of advice for tourists who travel half way across the world only to end up committing faux pas – sometimes bordering on criminal acts – which usually result in a whole nation being judged for the act of its few inconsiderate citizens abroad.

“For the most part,” Cave writes, “humans are pretty great. We’re imaginative, we care about each other, we make love. But when we’re tourists, we go dark.”

Cave based his advice and warning to tourists on trespasses that were actually committed by visitors to various countries and had made the headlines in the recent past.

He starts by saying not every wall is there to serve a tourist’s personal purpose of leaving their name on it for posterity like the 15-year-old Chinese boy who decided to leave his unique marks on an ancient Egyptian temple in 2013, or the two Americans who carved their initials into Rome’s Collosseum this year, did.

“We know it’s tempting,” Cave empathizes, “with that wall calling your name, you will feel the uncontrollable urge to write there. Resist!”

In a move that would have fit right into a scene in any one of the “The Hangover” franchise, Cave writes about the Two Welsh tourists who woke up with… wait for it… hangovers the morning after they stole Dirk the penguin from an Australian Sea World.

“Don’t be those guys,” Cave advises before letting readers know that it all ended well with Dirk being “happily reunited with its partner, Peaches.”

Next, he advised tourists to try to keep their clothes on as much as possible when visiting remote countries. This is especially true, he says, when you’re on top of “a mountain that an entire island considers to be sacred.”

Things didn’t turn out well for a group of Canadian tourists who decided to take naked selfies on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. There was a court wrangling for a few days, but more importantly some of the local residents blamed them for causing an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale right after the incident, because they believed the spirits of the mountain were angered.

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Liku Zelleke
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