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Discount Travel Sites – Tips on Getting the Best Deals

August 15th, 2015 by Liku Zelleke | Filed under Travel tips, travel-news.

Discount Travel Sites - Tips on Getting the Best DealsA quick search online will show you that everyone is doing it – travelling, that is. People write about how they just spent their vacation at some exotic spot, or how they are there right now enjoying the time of their life. They also hint at how they are doing it on the cheap.

Do you dream about being one of those people? Well, you too can be out other there with them if you use discount travel sites to book your flights and accommodation.

Here are a few tips to help you get travel deals by booking cheap flights and hotel accommodation on discount travel sites:

  1. Book Your Trip Early

By the time summer comes around everyone has already taken up all the bargains and choice spots. Start planning your vacation early – months early – and you not only have a vast selection to pick from, but you also get it on the cheap side.

  1. Avoid Festivals and Holidays

Going to Rio during Carnival season can be an exciting experience; but it will also be an expensive one. Discount websites live – so to say – to make a killing by selling tickets and hotel rooms to tourists who wish go to destinations where world-famous festivities occur. If you want to save money, go at another time.

  1. Make Use of Reward Miles

Credit card companies often offer air miles with purchase of goods and services when you use their products. Whenever you can, use these cards to book your flights and rooms on the discount travel websites; you will be saving while saving.

  1. Try not to Fly

Flying is a fast and comfortable way of travelling, but it is also expensive. Try using other forms of transportation, rent a car if it is a drivable distance, cruises are slower but you get to savor the voyage, buses are fun ways to go when you want to enjoy the scenery and mingle with the locals. Good discount travel sites offer all forms of transportation: flights, cars and cruises – at the very least.

  1. Use City Passes

Discount travel sites also offer city passes – for a reduced and fixed price, you get a “passport” to visit a city’s main attractions. These could include museums, exhibitions, shows, clubs and casinos. Ask for a pass when you book your flights and rooms.

  1. Book it Together

Make sure you book everything together – your flights and hotel rooms. Bundling them together could save you lots of money.

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Liku Zelleke
Liku Zelleke is a blogger and article writer. He loves reading about everything and then writing about it all. With him writing is a passion - a labor of love.

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