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How do you Book Flights and Hotel Rooms for Cheaper Deals?

August 9th, 2015 by Liku Zelleke | Filed under Destinations, travel-news.

How do you book flights and hotel rooms for cheaper deals?Arguably, the most common question travelers ask is how they can go on their planned trips without it having to cost them too much. The simple answer would be to say, “Well, go online, find a flight and hotel booking site and simply do some research about your intended destination.”

But, we all know that it isn’t that simple. So, we answer the question “How do you book flights and hotel rooms for cheaper deals?” with, “It’s all about the timing and the location.”

Take a Closer Look

Yes, everyone knows traveling to Asia (especially the southeast) is cheap. And most assume that continental Europe should only traversed by backpackers who are economically stronger than the average adventurer.

Well, anyone that has tried to stretch a buck in Singapore will know it is near impossible as the city currently sits at the top of the “World’s Most Expensive Cities” list. Also, although it is true that Switzerland, Norway and Luxembourg are the three most expensive countries in Europe, the eastern countries of the continent including Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania are the cheapest ones to travel to.

But then there are countries like Greece, where at one time tourists used to elbow their way through to get to the country’s beaches and sunlit islands. Every year, at peak tourist season, the costs of flights and hotel bookings would rise as the visitors flooded the country and its outlying islands.

Not anymore.

Go to Greece and Cuba

Recent reports state that holiday packages to Greece are being sold at prices that are over 70% lower than they used be. This is mainly because tour companies are finding it difficult to get tourists and their families to go to a country that is at risk of food, medicine and cash shortages thanks to the economic crisis that just won’t go away.

This means travelers can now book return flights from anywhere in the world and expect cheap prices, stay at hotels that once only used to cater to those that could afford to pay more than just the budget price and extend their trip time by 50% for a more leisurely stay without incurring much extra cost.

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