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Scary Places to Visit – Not for the Fainthearted

October 17th, 2015 by Liku Zelleke | Filed under Destinations, travel-news.

Scary Places to Visit – Not for the Fainthearted

Scary Places to Visit – Not for the Fainthearted

Vacations are supposed to be filled with times spent unwinding, relaxing and letting go of all stress and worries. Most would agree that going out on a trip to seek out scary places to visit and that will make your hair stand on ends defeats the whole purpose.

Well, that maybe true – unless you are an adrenaline junkie or have planned a vacation with a Halloween theme in mind. The scary places to visit that are listed below will cater to people seeking both sorts of thrills: there are physically challenging places and then there are those that just make your skin crawl. Either way, they are also definitely not for the fainthearted.

So, without further ado here they are:

Aokigahara – Sea of Trees

Anyone doing a search for “scary places to visit” will almost always get this Japanese forest listed at the top of their

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

results pages.

Located at the base of Mount Fuji – one of Japan’s most iconic and spiritual features – sits Aokigahara: a forest filled with caverns and lots of trees. But what the forest is primarily known for has nothing to do with its natural side but rather a spiritual or paranormal one.

People believe that there is something spooky about the place. The fact that people choose to commit suicide in it doesn’t help alleviate its spookiness at all. Every year, it is estimated that about 30 people head into the deepest parts of the woods to carry out the macabre ritual of ending their lives.

And almost every year, volunteers perform body hunts to recover and bury human remains.

Neptune Islands

Cage Diving - Neptune Islands, Australia

Cage Diving – Neptune Islands, Australia

Recent times have seen the increase of deaths caused by shark attacks. Most countries have put measures in place that will prevent attacks and protect locals and tourists alike from the dangers, and Australia is one such country.

But, people that have the nerve and guts to enjoy the company of sharks can do so by heading to the one place in the country where shark cage diving is still legally allowed – The Neptune Islands. The waters off these islands are teeming with great white sharks and divers can join them below the surface by taking a dip inside steel cages.

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