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The Vacation of Vacations – Worry Free Vacations

November 13th, 2015 by Liku Zelleke | Filed under Travel tips, travel-news.


The Vacation of Vacations - Worry Free Vacations

The Vacation of Vacations – Worry Free Vacations

Every vacation season, millions of sun and fun seekers get on their preferred modes of transportation and head to their destinations of choice, hoping they will have “the vacation of vacations” and create memories that will last forever.

Of course luck plays a crucial part in creating worry free vacations, but every traveler can improve the chances of having good luck with careful planning and by making wise decisions.

To have the vacation of vacations you will need to take care of two things:

  1. Lock Down the Home Front: worry free vacations can only become realities if you don’t have to worry about the security and sanctity of your home. Therefore always make sure…
  • All your valuables have been locked in their appropriate places (safes, banks, storage, etc.)
  • You settle all your bills – even if you have to pay in advance. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Get light automatons that turn your lights on and off at the appropriate times. The timers can even be used to turn the TV and radio on.
  • You don’t brag about your upcoming trip. In fact, don’t share anything on social media sites until you are back.
  • You get someone to make random checks on your home if you will be gone for a while.
  • Cancel all mail and newspaper subscriptions or have them forwarded to someone else’s until you return.
  • Make sure your business and/or your colleagues can continue to work without you by providing them with all the relevant information and resources they will need.
  1. Careful Choice of a Vacation Package: the second part of the equation for going on the vacation of vacations is to make sure you have the right package.

To ensure it results in worry free vacations:

  • Choose a vacation package that includes places that are off the beaten paths – they will be cheaper and you will also have a unique experience away from the cliché tours and sites.
  • Avoid travelling during peak seasons – if you have to, travel in the opposite direction (people in the southern hemisphere can go northwards when everyone is headed their way).
  • Vacation packages to destinations on which you are flexible with are almost always cheaper – choose them and have a really surprising adventure.
  • Get to booking your vacation either very early (like months in advance) or very, very last minute (literally when the last seat is about to be sold out) – this increases the chances of getting the vacation of vacations you wanted, or getting one that is very, very cheap, respectively.
  • Make sure you have all the information about the destination you are travelling to. You do not want to landin the middle of a raging civil war or political unrest. These kinds of unrests don’t happen overnight. Follow the news about your intended destination and, within a couple of weeks, you will have an inkling of what’s happening and have a finger on the pulse of the country.
  • Always be on the lookout for travel deals and coupons. With a little practice you can manage to manipulate your browser into tricking travel websites to send you their best offers and deals as popups or AdSense adverts. Use that trick – a lot.

And so, there you have it: by combining all these advices into the planning and execution of your travel plan, you can be assured going on the vacation of vacations.

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